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G a i a ; / ‘ g ī – ę :

The Earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism / the Earth personified as a goddess

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Our Beginning of Van-Life

Why We Decided to Quit our 9-5's and Buy a Van

Everyone that lives an unconventional life has that day, the day you realize what you are  doing isn’t working anymore. Our day came in the summer of 2015, after a few months of continual set backs and disappointments.

We drove to Kentucky to look at the first van we found on Craigslist. Exactly 72 hours prior to this point was the first time we ever discussed the possibility of van life. Living in a van was never in my life plan but, neither was living with this nagging feeling I wasn’t doing what I truly loved.


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The start of it all

A few months prior we were looking at buying our first starter home a few miles from where we grew up. Finally deciding on a small one bedroom home. We applied for a loan and put an offer in. Everything was going well and we were almost guaranteed the sell, until the house didn’t pass inspection for our loan.

After telling our friends and family how excited we were about this house and to have it fall through —We were devastated. Besides losing the house I also found out I needed major hip surgery at the age of 25, delaying my college graduation.

However, isn’t it beautiful how adversity, setbacks and disappointments have a way of sculpting ones life and it certainly did in ours.  

Van Builds

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We will take the time to design and build a custom Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Promaster or Ford Transit to fit your needs. Let’s chat.

Explore The World

Fast forward a few months, after taking a break from house hunting a serendipitous moment arrived in our driveway — our friends, Kyle and Blayke, came rolling up in their 1988 Roadtrek van with their dog, Stella, hanging out the window and our favorite band, Yonder Mountain String Band blaring. Inspiring us with tales of selling all of their possessions, meeting people, and adventures from Florida to Ohio.

We would be lying if an epiphany didn’t hit us within the first two days they were home. Within a week we were headed to Kentucky to buy the first van we found on craigslist, a 1996 Chevy Roadtrek.