Who We Are?

Explore Gaia

We are a family of four, two humans and two dogs who love nature filled experiences and spur of the moment adventures. Hiking, traveling, camping and, laughing are amongst our favorite family activities.

Our Mission

We strive to inspire other to live out their dreams of living nomadically

Jon and I met while we were in high school and have been together since we were eighteen. I graduated college in December of 2015 from the University of Akron with a Political Science degree. While in college, I completed my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification and taught yoga for a little over four years. 

During my college and yoga career, I had to have a rotator cuff surgery, a gallbladder surgery and a hip reconstruction surgery. Due to all of these orthopedic issues and much to my dismay, I had to stop teaching yoga. Three years later and I am finally ready to start teaching again!  

Jon and I are avid bully breed advocates and have always had one or more rescue dogs our entire relationship. Giving broken, hurt, and abandoned dogs a second chance is something we hold intensely dear to our hearts and as long as we are able we will always rescue dogs.


Kallie Kall

Working in the carpentry trades since I was sixteen years old have provided valuable skills throughout life. Completing the first custom conversion van was a true testament to my ability as a carpenter and has become a passionate hobby of mine. 

When I was twenty, my older brother was in a severe motorcycle accident changing my family forever. Seeing how quickly life can change has engrained a sense of invaluable love of life in to everything I chose to spend time on. 

Creating this nomadic lifestyle has enabled me to truly take life by the horns. Kallie and I want to inspire people to become more passionate about their lives and our world. There is so much to discover, even in your own hometown and we want people to remember this. The mundane routines of normal life can suck the energy out of people and we want to inspire to people to get back out there and discover something new about themselves and their area.

Jon Mck

Our Pups

I am four and a half years old and the baby of the family. Playing with my sister, Lola, is my favorite thing to do. Sometimes things scare me, but if they don’t scare Lola I get braver. One time my sister found baby bunnies at my grandparents pond and she brought them all back to our mom. I was so afraid of those baby bunnies I couldn’t stop shaking.


My first memory is of my mom chasing me chasing squirrels right up a tree. I also really love lizards. Lizards are way harder to find than squirrels because they are so little. They are just little squirrels. My other favorite thing to do is sleep in with my mom. I love to sleep right in the middle and stretch my legs this way I get to snuggle with everyone and get all the blankets. Any ways my mom rescued me first and then two weeks later she saved Skye. We were just little babies when we were saved, but we are so thankful we were.


Extraordinary Experiences

Our Core Values