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Chapter 8: Pallet Wood walls and Herringbone Ceiling

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Pallet Wood Walls and Ceiling

Supplies Needed:

  • reclaimed pallet wood
  • miter box
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • table saw
  • jigsaw
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • glue
  • air compressor
  • caulk gun
  • flat bar hammer

For our van build we decided to use recycled weathered pallet wood. Having found a shipping company that discards all of their pallets we were able to keep our cost down. The weathered rustic look is something we find very attractive too. There are many different materials you can use for your walls and ceilings. Do your research and put some time into what kind of aesthetic you want to create.

Step 1: Prep Pallet Wood

Pallet wood will come in pallets! This means you’ll have to rip them apart into boards you can use. After you’ve disassembled the pallets, you can remove the nails or work around them. For this particular project we were able to leave them in for a more rustic look.

Step 2: Cut Boards to Size

Cut all your boards to size and glue and staple them to your walls or ceilings in whatever pattern you like. For the Herringbone pattern like our ceiling, we cut the boards at a 45* angle using a miter box. Always glue and staple your boards in place to your sub-wall or sub-ceiling. This will add extra support for those times when you’re driving down a really bumpy road.

Pro Tip: Be sure to mark where your lights and outlets will be on your boards

Step 3: Cut your Light Holes

*This might vary depending on the lighting you choose.* Using a hole saw, cut the openings for the recessed LED lights.

Step 4: Install your Lights

Install your RV lights and admire your hard work!


Pro Tip: if you decide to use weathered pallet wood, be sure to allot for proper drying time. The moisture content of the wood should be no more than 10-12 percent to minimize shrinkage at time of install.  If you don’t wait, this will leave unsightly gaps in your work.

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